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Networking - wireless and wired

A computer network is a method of connecting one or more computers to shared resources such as the internet, email, printers or other computers.

Examples of computer networks are:

  • Wireless (also called wifi) or wired connection to the internet and email
  • Wireless or wired connection to a shared or wifi printer
  • Wireless or wired connection to other computers or servers (generally in an office environment)
Wireless networks use a device called a wireless (or broadband) router to connect a computer to the internet or to allow file and printer sharing between two or more computers within the same computer network.
Most wireless networks require a network ‘key’ (or password) to connect to the wireless router. General connectivity problems can be usually be fixed by restarting (switching off and back on again) the wireless router.

Wired networks are generally only found in businesses where computers are connected to a server to allow access to the internet, shared files, documents, printers and email access.
Wired network are more complicated than wireless networks and simply restarting routers, hubs or network switches will cause more problems that will be solved.