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Health Check

Just like cars, computers need regular services to ensure they run efficiently. Old word documents, emails and outdated software files build up, causing the your computer to slow down as the drive clogs up. In addition, dust can collect inside your computer all impacting it's performance. Our health-check provides a spring-clean and MOT service for your computer.

A PC should undergo a thorough health check every 6 months.

For a fixed fee cost of £35, our PC Health Check covers the following:

  • A complete software and hardware diagnostic to pinpoint problem areas
  • Checking hard disks for errors and repairing (where possible)
  • Remove internet history, clean out the internet cache and fix any other problems
  • Remove superfluous software and optimise the computer for faster start ups
  • Installation of Windows updates
  • Check for and remove any viruses and malware.
  • A full virus and spyware purge
  • A 'spring clean' - your computer is cleaned inside and out to remove dust etc.
  • Advice on any problems you may be experiencing
  • Recommendations for upgrades